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The Story

"Auditor by day, baker by night." That's how Baked After Midnight started.


Hi! My name is Gianna and I'm the owner of Baked After Midnight. Baking has always been a form of therapy and creative outlet for me. It began in college - making desserts after class to relieve stress. I found myself looking up recipes during the day, experimenting at home at night and bringing in for my friends the next day. Everyone looked forward to the next treat!


After graduating from Pace University in 2015, I started my career as an auditor at a Big 4 accounting firm in Stamford, CT and you may have guessed it - the stress-relief baking continued. 10+ hour work days did not stop me from coming home late at night and whipping up my next creation to bring to the office the next day.

One night, during the middle of audit busy season, my sister created an Instagram account, "Gianna Crocker", to share photos of my creations. Requests for orders came pouring in and that's when I decided to share what I love with the world. We quickly changed the name to something more fitting - and that's when "Baked After Midnight" was born. 

With the help of social media and the support of family and friends, what started as a part-time hobby has now become my full-time job and I've never been happier. 

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